Technical Treatment Method Of Clad Steel Plate

In order to improve the service life of automobile, the consumption of surface treatment plate has been increasing rapidly since 1980, and it has gradually replaced the trend of hot and cold-rolled steel plate. The proportion of surface treatment plates in automotive raw materials rose from 7.2% in 1980 to 20.3% in 2001.Clad Steel Plate 

In order to meet the requirements of lightweight and high safety of automobiles, the automotive industry has actively developed the high strength of alloying hot Dip Galvanizing (GA) steel plate. Since 1990, GA steel plate as the rust-proof steel plate, the demand for rapid growth.Clad Steel Plate

In order to improve the surface lubricity of GA steel plate, the method of forming lubricating skin film on GA plate has been developed, which is being used in actual production. The lubricating skin membrane is divided into organic skin membrane and inorganic skin membrane. The organic composite coating plate is coated with galvanized steel plate as the substrate, coating a layer of chromate and organic resin composite coating. The composition of the organic resin coating is basically composed of silica and organic resins. Silicon dioxide can be corrosion-resistant, organic resins provide good adhesion properties. Through the adjustment of the additive composition in the organic resin coating, the organic composite coating plate has many properties such as lubricity and coloring.Clad Steel Plate

Inorganic skin membrane is a thin layer of mn-p oxide or Ni-series inorganic film formed on the surface of GA plate to improve its lubricity. The thickness of the mn-p oxide film is dozens of nanometers, under which the phosphate treatment layer is deposited, and the MN oxide is closely adjacent to the coating.Clad Steel Plate

As a new technology, ultra-high strength steel plate hot Stamping has been published in this field with less results, and there are technical blockades and monopolies. At home and abroad, the research on the core technology of ultra high strength sheet metal hot stamping is still in the stage of exploration and experiment, especially CAE analysis part. In this paper, the research status of CAE analysis technology for hot stamping of ultra high strength steel sheet is summarized, and the existing problems and development direction are pointed out.Clad Steel Plate